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JahcSoft Now on IntuitionBase
Site Update With the recent demise of, we've approached James Carroll of the eponymous JahcSoft to mirror his web site here so that it won't be lost in the electronic ether. Many of us have used or still use such tools as WookieChat, SabreMSN, or SimplePlay on our AmigaOne systems, so if you're looking for background on any of JahcSoft's tools, just click the source button below this news post.

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New List: Commercial Software for AOS4
Site Update There is no shortage of software for our next-generation Amiga machines: hundreds of native-AOS4 options freely available online and all of the thousands of software packages from the AOS3 days that still run great on our AmigaOne boxes. But there are commercial titles out there, too, built and designed for next-generation systems that sometimes slip through the cracks of awareness. So the editors at IntuitionBase are now keeping track of them. In the upper-left corner of our pages you will now see an option for an "OS4 Commercial SW" list. There you can get more info on each commercial available software title native for AOS4 and links to where you can purchase them. Have fun!

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New Amiga Show in Greece: AmiCamp 2013
Amiga Event The Greek Amiga community continues to go from strength to strength and this December there will be a new show for the Greek Amiga community in Athens, AmiCamp 2013. Folks attending will be able to enjoy presentations on next-generation Amiga computing and check out exhibits including the AmigaOne X1000, the AmigaOne 500, and the very best from the classic 68K Amiga family, too. There should also be the opportunity to test your classic kit at the show, and apparently there will be quite a lot of Amiga gaming as well.

AmiCamp 2013 will be held in Athens, Greece, on December 14th and 15th. Please click the source button below for more information.

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Hyperion Updates Amiwest Attendees on AmigaOS Progress
OS 4 Box One of the somewhat overlooked aspects of last weekend in Sacramento at Amiwest 2013 was the in-depth update on AmigaOS development by team lead Steven Solie. Among the highlights of his presentation were the following:

* official confirmation of cancellation of the netbook project
* walk-through of new AmigaOS kernel, X-Kernel, which supports multiple cores
* integration of FUSE layer into OS and support for NTFS coming soon
* an update on Gallium3D progress
* announcement of Update 7 ISO coming soon
* announcement of new SDK with additional SDK update coming shortly

And lastly we've learned that AmigaOS 4.2 will ship as soon as the new Gallium3D layer is complete and stable. A tremendous amount of work has been done 'behind the scenes' to make the new kernel and 3D graphics stack progress in face of having to support new hardware platforms as well as personal health problems of key development team members. Nonetheless the light at the end of the tunnel is being seen at long last.

Click the 'source' button below for Steven's blog post which further details the Hyperion updates made this year at Amiwest.

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A-EON Technology Announces $1.2 Million Investment in New Amigas
Amigaone Box Earlier this morning at AmiWest 2013 A-EON Technology Founder Trevor Dickinson announced a major purchase agreement with Ultra Varisys for the design and manufacture of a new family of AmigaOne computers. The investment, totaling some $1.2 million, comes after the surprisingly high demand for the AmigaOne X1000. The new systems are centered around a new motherboard design, code-named Cyrus, which should support multiple PowerPC offerings from Freescale Semiconductor, including the quad-core P3041, dual-core P5020, and quad-core P5040.

The fully 64-bit AmigaOne systems will support clock rates of 2.4GHz at the high-end and are expected to initially ship to beta testers in January 2014. General availability to the public is expected in the second half of 2014. Prospective testers can apply for entry into the beta program by emailing -- although the team will only number around 50 individuals. Good luck!

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Less than Two Weeks Until Amiwest 2013
Amiga Event It's amazing how quickly time flies, but we're just a couple of weeks away from Amiwest 2013, the premier Amiga get-together in North America. Representatives from A-eon Technology, Hyperion Entertainment, AmigaKit -- and IntuitionBase -- will be there, including Trevor Dickinson, Matthew Leaman, and Steven Solie. This looks to be a great show this year at a nice location in Sacramento, California. There will also be a developers' conference just prior to the show this year, focusing on AmigaOS application software development. Air fares are still available from multiple airports throughout the U.S. and Canada at reasonable prices, so there's still time to book your travel to Sacramento. We'll see you there.

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AmiWest 2012 Programmers Conference Videos Posted
OS 4 Box It may be a little late given that AmiWest 2013 is starting in three weeks, but earlier this evening Bill Bosari posted links to videos of the various seminars presented last year at the AmiWest 2012 Programmers Conference. A big thanks to Bill Bosari, Mike Brantley, Steve Solie, Lyle Hazelwood, and Paul Sadlik for their presentations and work on the videos for those unable to make it. Just click on the 'source' button below to head over to the AmigaOS wiki page where the videos can be downloaded.

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New Amiga Dealer in France: Amedia Computer
Amigaone Box A big and hearty welcome to another dealer in the Amiga universe, this time in France: Amedia Computer. Focusing on both classic and next-generation Amiga computing, Amedia is the brainchild of Laurent Zorawski and Lionel Thillot. For Amigans in France the company is celebrating its grand opening with a special sale: a complete SAM460ex system for e999 -- which includes VAT. A very competitive price and a great system to jump into Amiga NG computing. If you're in France check them out, and also don't forget about our complete dealer listings linked to in our left-side navigation bar.

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Interview with Trevor Dickinson on Obligement
Amigaone Box Although we don't typically link to interviews elsewhere, this is a nice exception. Click the source link below to review David Burnet's interview with Trevor Dickinson, Managing Director of A-EON Technology, Ltd. There are some very nice high-resolution photos of the upcoming Cyrus+ motherboard from A-EON as well as hints about other possible hardware projects in the works.

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A-EON Technology lifts the veil on its new AmigaOne at VCF UK
Amigaone Box Visitors to the 2013 Vintage Computer Festival in the UK this weekend got a special preview of a new AmigaOne system coming from A-EON Technology as well the chance to play around on multiple AmigaOne X1000 systems running AmigaOS and GNU/Linux. The new system, code-named Cyrus after an ancient Persian king, is apparently based on the Freescale P5020 processor, one of the newer offerings in the QorIQ family. The dual-core SoC will run at 2GHz and drive modern 1333MHz DDR3 DIMMs according to reports from the show; the board itself recently went through a significant revision, the final version being a full ATX-sized board. Unconfirmed rumors suggest it will also have an on-board XMOS chip and Xorro slot. More information from attendees is available via the link below.

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Hollywood 5.3 released -- and available for purchase again!
Miscellaneous The exceptional multimedia creation suite Hollywood has been updated to version 5.3, including significant performance improvements, bug fixes, new capabilities on Android, and much more. The update is free to existing customers and continues ongoing development of Hollywood and Hollywood Designer by Airsoft Softwair since it announced a temporary hiatus on new sales in 2012. The best news, though, is the announcement that the hiatus will shortly end and Hollywood will again be available for sale to the public. This unique tool allows Amigans to develop everything from slideshow-based presentations to full-on multimedia applications and deploy not only on AmigaOS, but also Amiga-like systems, Windows, iOS, and Android platforms as well.

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Hyperion Comments on OS4.2 Progress
OS 4 Box Hyperion Entertainment managing partner Ben Hermans issued the following statement on the progress of OS4.2 development this past weekend:

* Exec SG - kernel development has been forked off into an experimental and stable branch, to facilitate field testing of potentially drastically new features such as the scheduler, separate address spaces, 64 bit address space awareness etc. The task scheduler was completely rewritten in C and now implements the long planned pluggable scheduler functionality; the scheduling algorithm can be changed on the fly, during runtime depending on factors like task's preference and CPU load, different CPU cores using different scheduling algorithms. The re-write of the scheduler also allows for load balancing which is required for proper multicore support.

* Work is in progress on yet another Power ISA implementation.

* Gallium 3D: bumped to Mesa 9.1, i.e. OpenGL 3.1. Software renderer already implemented, work on hardware accelerated drivers within the framework of Gallium will benefit substantially by the experience gained developing Warp3D drivers for the AMD Radeon Evergreen range (Radeon HD 5xxx/6xxx).

Click the source button below for full details over on the official Hyperion Development Blog.

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AmiWest 2013 Details Announced
Amiga Event For all of you early planners the AmiWest planning committee has recently announced this year's details for the AmiWest Conference. This year's conference will be held from October 18th through the 20th at the Cal Expo Holiday Inn Express in beautiful Sacramento, California. In addition to the show -- which is among the largest Amiga shows globally -- there will be a Programming Conference starting October 16th for those interested in developing for AmigaOS or learning the system's internals.

This show has terrific content for both classic and next-generation Amiga fans, and as we were last year, IntuitionBase is planning on being there. Be sure to follow the AmiWest blog (linked below) in the coming months for more details on who's coming, what's planned, and details for booking accomodations. See you there!

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Acube: Cause of Crackling Audio on AmigaOne 500 Identified
Amigaone Box The odd, crackling audio which has bedeviled some SAM460ex and AmigaOne 500 owners has finally had its root cause identified: a missing resistor on some boards. According to Acube Systems a particular board resistor which serves as a clock select for the on-board AC97 codec is missing for some boards but not others.

Acube is making a special version of the sound driver available which should help mitigate -- but not entirely eliminate -- the issue. The ideal solution is to determine if the board is missing the resistor in question, and if so, contact your dealer for servicing. Users encountering 'hissing' or 'staticky' audio should click the link below for more information on how to determine if their boards are effected and next steps to take.

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Classic Cinemaware Games Re-released for OS4.1!
OS 4 Box Cinemaware in cooperation with Hyperion Entertainment are proud to announce the re-distribution of its classic Amiga 68K Cinemaware titles. Through the magic of emulation and genuine Amiga ROMs, you can once again play titles such as Defender of the Crown on PowerPC-based AmigaOS systems with a simple double click of the mouse. Everything you need to run these classic Cinemaware games is already included in AmigaOS 4.1, including joystick support via AmigaInput!

This isn't just the release of some ADF files, but a genuine re-release where you run the games by clicking on Workbench icons; the games even come complete with manuals and scans of the reference cards that came with the commercial packaging. Download today and get that 1980s feeling all over again!

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