RockBEAT is a simple software step sequencer for AmigaOS4. It is a tool for musicians that allows you to create drumming tracks. It can create multiple tracks, each one being 4x 4/4 measures with 16th notes. You can save individual tracks as wav files, or the whole thing as one big song. You can drop in your own 16bit 44100Hz PCM WAV samples in the drumsamples/ folder if you like. Great for the bedroom guitarist!

Latest Download

19th September 2009 - RockBEAT 3.1


Project Samples

rage-bulls_on_parade.mp3 - silverchair_pure_massacre.mp3 - drum_echos.mp3 - sample_1.mp3 - spider2_song2.wav - give_a_fuck.wav

And just for shits 'n giggles, heres the Pure Massacre song with guitar tracks laid down next to the drums (I love HDREC). i used a cheap mic, a cheap amp, a cheap guitar, and my playing ability is not so hot.. but it gives you an indication of the sortof thing you can do with this program! And heres another one of my efforts..