Tutorials will be uploaded periodically. To set the ball rolling, the first one's taken from the WaveGuide© Manual. I'll do my best to incorporate the tutorials I upload into the manual itself. At the moment, WaveGuide contains sixteen Tutorials covering the basic to more complex functions of LightWave3D. If you have an interesting problem, or you've figured a cool way of doing something, let me know and if it's of general interest, I'll put it on the site.

Tutorial 1

The Maximum Smoothing Angle

Polygons, Polygon Inclination, Surface Normals, Smoothing across Polygons, Phong Shading.
The Smoothing Threshold Concept

Tutorial 2

How to Create a Perfect Boing Ball

A Comprehensive step by step Guide to Perfect Balls.
Ideal for Amiga website graphics.

Tutorial 3

How to do Decals

Adverts, Badges, Banners, Brushes, Images, Labels, Logos & Stickers
How you want 'em, where you want 'em.

Tutorial 4

Creating a Basking Shark Object

How to use MetaNURBS to make Something from almost Nothing.

Tutorial 5

How to Create the 'Ocean' Scene

Fractal Bumps, Texture Velocity, Reflection, Refraction, Lighting and a bit of Trial and Error.
See The Gallery for the end result.

Tutorial 6

Displacement Mapping a Texture

Bumping Up a Surface. Create a Waving Flag Animation

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