I can't pretend that this page will be particularly useful, when the likes of Google, Yahoo, etc. do such a good job with their formidable search engines. Anyway, here are a few pages I've visited and with a few exceptions, considered worth a read.

I guess starting the list with NewTek is obligatory and their site has improved considerably in recent times. Maybe they read my earlier comments! So, to go to the core, click NewTek and have your wallet/pocketbook ready!

Second place, but first choice if you want to know anything about the larger world of LightWave is Flay.com. Nothing for Amiga users is obvious, but if you delve a little, there are a few snippets.

As far as I'm concerned, the Scott Cameron site offers the best in LightWave Tutorials. If you go nowhere else, go here!

A good routing to some LightWave tutorials, galleries, etc., will be found at 3D Links.

If you've hit a snag running LightWave, maybe you'll find the answer on the NewTek Technical Support FAQ Site. All platforms are catered for.

Though the Alpha Zone boasts 'the best LightWave links on the Net', several appear faulty, so be warned!

There's also 3D Cafe offering similar stuff.

There are limitless sites put together by interested individuals who've done far more than I'm prepared to do regarding links. Typical site is TonyG's place.

A few hundred links to sites covering the art of animating in LightWave 3D can be found at AboutAnimation.

If none of these places offers anything to fit your interests, then the power of Google or Yahoo will undoubtedly provide. Happy surfing!

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