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So this is WaveGuide©, the original Amiga resource for LightWave enthusiasts! It's bright, it's breeezy and it's completely free! Please dive in and check out all the goodies...believe me, there are plenty! You can download most stuff by Shift/Clicking on the item of interest. All the archived files should download with a simple click of the left mouse button. Alternatively, your browser will have a download command accessible via the right mouse button. Check out each method, I'm sure that one or other will succeed! The site is designed to load quickly and to be simple to use. There are no frames, no java, none of that clever stuff to slow you down, especially if you use a slow modem. It looks best at 800 pixels screen width or greater.

WaveGuide© is dedicated to LightWave3D, that most fabulous of graphics software. It's oriented to LightWave on the Amiga, that most fabulous of home computers. So, whether you're a LightWave enthusiast or just a learner, you've come to the right place! WaveGuide© is here to help and inspire you. It's targetted at anyone starting out or perhaps struggling with the program. If you're hoping to improve your 3D skills, check out all the pages. Have a good root around and please don't be afraid to ask questions. If I can help you, I will.

There are several places to visit, each one covering a different facet of my passion. For example, there are Tutorials to increase your knowledge and understanding of the software. There's also a Downloads section, where you can obtain LightWave objects and .gif animations. You may even find stuff to use on your website. For the more ambitious, there's a selection of my LightWave mega-anims to download and enjoy. Hope you've got broadband!

If this isn't your first visit, thank you for returning and providing valued encouragement. If you've already downloaded any of my animations, you should check the 'More Info' links on the Downloads page. These have advice on getting the best performance. Let me know how they run (or don't run) on your machine.

You'll notice that our February Banner Boing shows the glorious 24x12 version. Boing?? ask. Well, it's an Amiga thing. Just pop over to the Tutorials page for a detailed insight. Elsewhere, I've been adding more content to further inspire any new LightWavers out there. And if you've never even tried LightWave, maybe I can encourage you to take the plunge. If you like 3D, you will not be disappointed! LightWave is regarded as one of the better 3D systems on any platform. It's certainly THE BEST available to the Amiga, where LightWave was born. And now I've got broadband I'll be able to upload even bigger goody-gumdrops for you. Stay posted!

Finally, I'd like to apologise for all the copyright warnings, a sign of the times I'm afraid. And of course, 'Many thanks' for dropping in.

OK, I wannabe inspired! Tell me more.

Forget the Intro, show me some pictures.

Forget that too, go to Downloads (LightWave Objects, animgifs and some mega-Animations.)
At the moment, these are Amiga format only.

I've got an Amiga, so show me the Tutorials.

I don't have an Amiga, but show me the Tutorials anyway.

An Amiga, what's that? Tell me more about it.

The WaveGuide Manual, what's this?

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NOTE: The email link on the webpages is broken.

I've got Imagine / Cinema4D / Real3D / etc. from an Amiga coverdisk and I need some help.

NOTE: Cinema4D v4.2 was given away on CUAmiga SuperCD-ROM27 (October 1998).
Please Click Here to learn how to install it properly.

Where can Amiga LightWavers get together?

Need some 3D textures, or maybe a model? Try here:

You'll find textures, models, tutorials and lots of other free stuff.

The WaveGuide© site was launched in June 2002
Date of last revision: 16 February 2011

The site is no longer maintained.

WaveGuide© is the original resource for LightWave on the Amiga.

It has no connection with websites appearing under a similar name.

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