Here, with the odd exception, you'll find images I've created with my Amiga and LightWave 3D. Unless stated otherwise, the pictures have not been post-processed in any way. The reason is that I don't usually render 'pictures'. I'm more interested in animations, where the individual frames need to have the smallest file size one can get away with. This permits the fastest animation speed, which is quite important.

So, many of these images are actually 'stills' from an animation, which I may have put onto the Downloads page. Currently, any animation files you find there will be in Amiga format only. I may convert them to a more common format as and when I get the opportunity.

Below is a catalogue of images from which to choose. Just click on an image or its title and the full size version will appear together with further information.

Lily Pad (217K)

Thistledown (201K)

Ocean (264K)

Dune (54K)

Monet (344K)

Perfect Day (102K)

Blade Runner (203K)

Water Dance (110K)

Super Nova (133K)

Black Lotus (42K)

LW6 Logo (87K)

Baskin' (114K)

Bubbles (169K)

Species (70K)

Stargazer (96K)

Stargazer2 (133K)

Wild Orchid (99K)

Note:This is a photo!

Smile! (35K)

Chip (214K)

Sunspots (177K)

Note:This is a pencil drawing.

Merry Christmas (266K)

Hadhafang (340K)

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