EyeCandy - Just Come and Get It!

Welcome to WaveGuide© Downloads, where eye-candy drips from every crevice!

Just shift/click on whatever takes your fancy and it will be provided! Whether that's animated .gif files for your website or mega-animations for your personal enjoyment, they're all here. And when you've downloaded my super slippery anims, just follow my salubrious melt-in-the-mouth instructions to enjoy them at their best! But beware! These goodies are big, really BIG!

Broadbanders will readily take them in their stride, but 56K'ers must prepare themselves for a tantalizing wait. You'll wait and you'll wait, while the candy flows ever so gradually, to finally fill the cup. But when it's full and overflows, have a taste and you'll surely be asking for more! So once again, Welcome to WaveGuide Downloads!

There's Something You Should Know

At present, all the big animations are in Amiga .anim7 format. With one exception, they were created in LightWave 3D and compiled using MainActor Broadcast. This is a powerful animation programme created by MainConcept GmbH. MainActor animations are encoded with frame timing and maybe with soundFX functions of proprietary format and require the MainView viewer to run as intended. The MainView software will download with the animation files. To view the animation as intended, please follow the included instructions. My thanks to Muzaffer Beygiri of MainConcept GmbH for permission to upload MainView Broadcast.

The .anim7 format is already compressed, but it has been incorporated into a single Lha archive, together with the MainView utility and other required files. After you've unpacked the archive, please retain all the files and sub-directories in the parent directory as received, otherwise the animation may fail.

Below you'll see a thumbnail of a still taken from each animation. Just select the one you fancy and download it by shift/clicking on the image or its title. Before you decide, you can read a bit more about it by clicking on More Info. Please check the file size before downloading. Most are big. Some are VERY BIG!

Backdrop Images, Objects and Animgifs to Download

As an additional thrill, I've placed a selection of my LightWave backdrops, objects (.lwo) and animgifs here for you to download and use as you wish. If you use them in any public area, please acknowledge the source or make a link to the WaveGuide site, many thanks.

Boing Ball Objects

These will appeal mainly to Amiga users, but please feel free to exploit 'em as you fancy.

Boing Ball (12x6).lwo

More Info

Boing Ball (16x8).lwo

More Info

Boing Ball (20x10).lwo

More Info

Boing Ball (24x12).lwo

More Info
You'll find each of the above in anim .gif format on the BoingBall.gifs Page. They're handy for Amiga related webpages!
If you'd like to see the animations in action, you will find these on the Animated BoingBall.gifs Page.

WARNING: The animated page contains twenty running animations and is around 3Mb. I hope you have a fast connection!

Flags of the World

Well not quite, but there's a broad selection of flags waving in the breeze on the Animated Flag.gifs Page.

WARNING: This page contains running animations and is around 3.5Mb. So, as I've already said, I hope you have a fast connection!

If you'd prefer the faster loading static page, go to the Non-animated Flag.gifs Page.

If the flag you need isn't here, let me know and I'll try to upload one for you. There are lots of sites offering images of National and Special flags, so just pick the one you need and get back to me. If you'd like a personal or custom flag to your design, just ask and I'll do my best to help.

There's now a WaveGuide Tutorial on the Displacement Mapping technique used to create these animations. Just Click Here to get to it.

Boing Backdrops

Here's a selection of Boing/Amiga themed backdrop images to use on your desktop. They're all rendered in LightWave at a resolution of 640x480 pixels. I have 1280x960 versions also available, but you should request these by email. I'll be pleased to send you any you may fancy.

'Boing1b_Europe' (142K)
Enlarge this image

'Boing1b_USA' (142k)
Enlarge this image

'Boing1b_Australasia' (142K)
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'Boing2b_Europe' (162K)
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'Boing2b_USA' (162K)
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'Boing2b_Australasia' (162K)
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'Boing3b_Europe' (108K)
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'Boing3b_USA' (107K)
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'Boing3b_Australasia' (108k)
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'Boing4b_Europe' (184K)
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'Boing4b_USA' (181K)
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'Boing4b_Australasia' (178K)
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If you'd like a 1280x960 version of any of these images please Mail me. I'll be happy to send you the file by return.