How to Install Cinema4D from CU Amiga Super CD-ROM 27 (October 1998)

When the very last issue of CU Amiga magazine was published, the cover CD contained a copy of Maxon's Cinema4D version 4.2. Unfortunately, a scripting error in the CD's Installer meant that many Amigans were unable to get it onto their hard drive. Even if they managed that, the program wouldn't run. This was due to the omission of vital Licence Numbers for both the C4D program and for an extra goody called MagicLink.

HiSoft, the then retailers of C4D, subsequently set up a telephone helpline which provided the Licence Numbers to anyone who called. You did not require any proof of purchase of the CU Amiga magazine and when I called, it appeared that this software/licence really were free for all. Not withstanding, Amiga Format magazine (who afterwards published an Installer fix of sorts, as well as my own effort) took a stricter view. Any discussion about the C4D Licence Number on the forums was censored. Even so, the information was liberally bandied around and of course, it's now readily available on the Internet.

So, if anyone out there is still trying to install C4D properly, then look no further! The Installer you'll find here works a treat and will provide all the information you need to get C4D and MagicLink up and running. Just make sure you read the message at the end of the process!
After downloading the archive, unpack it to your RAM: disk and place CUCD27 in your CD-ROM drive. Open the RAM:Installer Directory and double-click the Install icon. Enjoy!

Download Special C4D Installer

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