Boing Balls - Animated Gif Files

This page displays the animations actually running. There is a non-animated version of this page here.

You may find these files handy for use on an Amiga related webpage. The download link is the image itself or its filename. If you do decide to use one, please acknowledge the source or better still, add a link to the WaveGuide site.

The .gif filenames tell you all about them. My Boing Balls come in various 'flavours', from the simplest 12x6 (twelve sides, six slices) through 16x8, 20x12 to 24x12. So, the names begin with 'Boing126', 'Boing168', 'Boing2010' and 'Boing2412'.

The next part of the name (64) indicates the size of the colour palette. I considered this about right for balancing quality with file size. I'll produce anims with other palette sizes if anyone's interested.

The last part of the name indicates the overall size of the image (which is square) in pixels: 200, 100, 50, 25 or 16.

Each Boing Ball object was created in LightWave using the techniques described in Tutorial 2. All four Object files (.lwo) are available for download from the Downloads Page.

To create the anim frames, the Scenes were rendered with the ball inclined at sixteen degrees from the vertical. I am told on good authority that this is the 'official' Boing Ball 'pose'.

LightWave's 24-bit Jpeg images were reduced to 64 colours and converted to .gif format using Image Studio, written by Andy and Graham Dean. It's a brilliant example of Amiga software written by enthusiasts.

The anim gifs were compiled using WhirlGIF, another gem from Kevin Kadow and Mark Podlipec. WhirlGIF for other platforms is available for free download from here. The Amiga version can be downloaded from Aminet.

NOTE: All the anims were rendered against a black background. Black is transparent in the colour palette used for the gifs, so you can use them on almost any background colour. HOWEVER, they all have antialiased outlines, which will appear as a dark line, so I suggest you use a fairly dark colour as a backdrop.

If you'd like a special edition rendered against some other colour, turning faster or slower or any other variation, please feel free to send me an email with your requirements. Your requests will be included at the bottom of this page.

The images presented below may flicker or stutter depending on the power of your system. Running so many gifs concurrently can be quite demanding. On my A1200/060-64 they're pretty jittery, but the individual files do give nice results.





















Phew, what a load of balls!

Special Requests for Animated Boing.gifs

If you've made a special request for a different style of Boing.gif, this is where you'll find it. Feel free to download whatever you need. If you use any of these gifs on your website, please mention the source and maybe make a link to the WaveGuide site.

PLEASE don't link directly to the animations on this site...we can't spare the bandwidth!

Boing126-50b.gif (14K)

Boing168-50b.gif (15K)

Boing2412-50b.gif (16K)

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