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As mentioned on the about page you don't have to live in Scunthorpe, or even England to be a member of SCAG, infact you can live anywhere in the world. So if you'd like to become a member then you know what you have to do.

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Joining is free, all we ask is that if you do attend any of the organised events you chip in to help fund the event.

Daffyd 'Leo' Kendle
Member since 22nd April 2006
Location:  Ellesmere Port, Cheshire
Computers:  I have the follwing Amiga's
•1> Amiga A1500 (1.2/2.0 OS Systems)
•2> Amiga A4000 030 with 18 meg of ram/120 Meg Hard drive
•3> 2 Amiga A1200's one with a 1 gig hard drive
•4> 3 Amiga A500's again 1 with a GVP A500-HD8+ (1 GIG)
•5> 3 Amiga A500+'s (As aboth)
•6> An Amiga A590 CD-Rom Drive (Not Working)
•7> 2 A600's again 1 with a 800 Meg Hard Drive
•8> A Commodore VIC 20
•9> 2 Commodore's C64C's Plus load Of Tapes/Disk's
•10> A Commodore 1541 Disk Drive/C2N Tape Dack
•11> 2 Commodore 1084 Monitor's
•12> 1 Philips Monitor
•13> 1 Mirco-Vitec Monitor
•14> 2 Vidi-Amiga 12/14's Screen Grabbers
•15 1 Star LC24-200 Colour Printer
•16> 1 Apple Power-Mac 5500/275 PPC
•17> 2 Sega Dearmcast with load of games
•18> 2 Sega Saturn's with some games

All the 16Bits Amiga have exter Ram
Ton's of Software plus other stuff for the Amiga
Load's of lead's/Books/Manual's/Disk's/Power Packs/Disk Drives Ect,ect,ect (You name it, I most possable have it?)
Other interests:  Playing And Writing Amiga SoftWare, As well as writing the odd game for the VIC20/C64
watching Videos
Long walks
Motorcycle Recing/riding
Homepage:  N/A

Michael 'killermike' Reed
Member since 7th March 2006
Location:  Lincolnshire, UK
Computers:  •Windows/Linux PC - PIII 800mhz 384megs
•Psion series 5
•Mac PB Duo 230 (rarely used these days).

No hardware Amigas at all now. I do have a UAE setup though.
Other interests:  Making Music (guitar/synth/computer), writing (sitcom and other), films, reading, select TV programs (no broadcast TV for the last six or seven years). See website for more information.

Peter 'Magnox' Gillatt
Member since 5th March 2006
Location:  Grimsby, United Kingdom
Computers:  •A1200 '030 Blizzard MK-IV 32mb fast ram, External cd drive
•2 x Unexpanded A1200's
•3 x A600's
•Mac Mini running OSX Tiger
•PC 2.5Ghz Amd XP, 512mb ram, dvd/cdrewriter, 160Gb hard drive, Radeon 9600 Pro 256mb gfx card, running windows xp and AROS
Other interests:  Amiga's (obviously), convincing my wife of the next essential amiga purchase and which box we can pile up to make room for it, Movies
Homepage:  N/A

Carl Malley
Member since 8th February 2006
Location:  Rotherham, England
Computers:  •Amiga 1200
•Amiga 4000/40
Other interests:  I am a programmer in Visual Basic 6 and .net. Main interests are Programming and Amiga
Homepage:  N/A

Martin Norfolk
Member since 25th January 2006
Location:  Grimsby, UK
Computers:  desktop pc. laptop.
5 A1200s 3 A500s 2 A5000+ 2 600s 1 A2000 plenty of power supplys thousands of disks + odds and ends
Other interests:  fishing, golf
Homepage:  N/A

Alan 'the_leander' Fisher
Member since 10th January 2006
Location:  Sheffield, UK
Computers:  Amigas:
•A3000D, 030 @ 25Mhz, 16Mb Ram, 4Gb SCSI hd, Cybervision GFX, C= 1940 monitor
•A1200D Unexpanded

•Main Workstation:
AMD64 @ 2Ghz 512Mb Ram, 40Gb HD, Fx5200 (128mb) GFX, Relisys 17ins Flatscreen CRT. Runs Zeta R1.1
P3 @ 450Mhz, 128Mb Ram, 40Gb hd, ATI Rage GFX, Soundblaster AWE64, Operates Zeta RC2 and is an MP3 Jukebox
Other interests:  I am an editor for with a long time passion for computing, I have the distinction of trying out every single patch and hack applicable to the A1200 available from the Aminet archive and ran an extremely heavily modded A1200 Tower for my main system up until 2002, where I moved on to BeOS and later ZETA (An OS based on the BeOS Codebase). I enjoy writing and meeting new people.

James 'Retroboy' Zeun
Member since 10th January 2006
Location:  Sheffield, England
Computers:  •Amiga 1200 Tower
32mb Ram
Blizzard 1260 60mhz
1x 2Gb 1x 3.5Gb HDD's
16x CDrom Drive
VGAFix Adaptor (mod for SVGA monitors)

•Blue & White Powermac
Sonnet G4 500 1Mb Cache
448MB Ram
30Gb HDD
Mac Edition Radeon PCI
Emprex DVDR

•Amd 64bit Sempron 3000+
1Gb DDR400
60Gb, 80Gb HDD's
Panasonic 106 DVDR
GeForce2 5700 256Mb
17' Digimate TFT (used for all systems)
Other interests:  I like computers (obviously!)

I've been an Amiga user since the A500+ when it was £349 in Dixons. I once owned an Amiga CD32 some years back and also spent £120 on an FMV cartridge. Then some years back i sold it to a chap in Sweden and i've kinda regretted doing so ever since. The music on boot up and the games, where really cool on that little system.

The 1200T has now come out of the loft, after a 6 years slumber. So lets get cooking!
Homepage:  N/A

Raoul 'Swisso' Penel
Member since 9th January 2006
Location:  Bournemouth, England
Computers:  •A1XEG4 PPC933 (broken CPU since October05)(CPU donations welcome)
•A1200 PPC603 Bvision currently running OS3.9 and trialing MorphOS
•Dell Latitude LS P3 laptop for work running Win2K pro.
Other interests:  No other hobbies all my spare time is being taken up looking for a CPU.
Homepage:  N/A

Philippe 'pX' Coatmeur
Member since 3rd January 2006
Location:  Paris, France
Computers:  •A3000/Apollo4060@66/CV643D •A4000/GVP HC+8 •A1200/1230@50 •Lots of linux boxes
Other interests:  Music, Video, everyday life. I like humans. I work in video editing. I make music to fill the void. I'm writing a book. I never really let my Amiga madness go, but now I realize that it's her, actually, that don't want to let me go :) I'm willing to buy an AOne (please don't ask why), but it's even harder to find than social justice in France. Well, in EU.

Gary 'Gaz' Goddard
Member since 12th November 2005
Location:  Louth, UK
Computers:  •Amiga,
A4000/040 in Micronik tower, Spectrum RTG, Internal Scandoubler Catweazel/Budda, Xsurf.
A4000/040 (in bits at mo, currently migrating to PC tower) Prometheus PCI.Rest of the spec to be finalised.
A1200 Desktop, Blizzard 030/50.
An assortment of PC's, Mainly running open os's.
More sun boxes than you can shake a sizable stick at, including dual processor U60.
1 RS6000, 42p G3 PPC unix box.
1 Alpha pc164lx, Digital alpha workstaion.
SGI Indigo2.
Cobalt Cube 2
Tadpole sparcbook, Sun workstation in a laptop.
RDI Precisionbook, HPUX workstation in laptop.
Other interests:  Music, all tpes, but lots of rock and blues concerts.
Computers, did you guess??
Quality controling the various lagers in my local bars.
Homepage:  N/A

Tanzeel 'Taz' Ansari
Member since 7th September 2005
Location:  Lincoln, UK
Computers:  •A4000 (Power Tower) Warp Engine '040 28Mhz 96 MB FastRam PicassoII 2GB SCSI sound card (not sure), video digitizer
•A1200 Blizzard '030 50Mhz 16MB ram 120 MB IDE HD Eyetech scandoubler and IDE interface 8x IDE CDROM
•A1200 RTC 8MB FastRam expansion int 3.5" 500 MB HD
•A600 2MB Chipram
•A500+ (kindly donated by fellow SCAG member)
•A500+ motherboard - wall hanging - my first Miggy!
•A500 - the one millionth amiga 500 produced (complete with framed certificate signed by one David Pleasance)
•peecee laptop (sorry!)
•CD32 SX-1 8 MB Fast
Other interests:  photography
sustainable development
cycle tourism/activism
Homepage:  N/A

Joacim 'Adonay' Strand
Member since 2nd July 2005
Location:  Haugesund, Norway
Computers:  •1200D with bppc 240\060 64mb ram bvision,delfina (soon to be towerd)
•1200D original no extensions only the 3.1 romms
•1200M running mobo no casing div ide. PCMCIA cards etc
•A500 non modified
•X86 Xp 64 4000 sli 2x PCI-E xt850 1024 ram 700 gig hd space
•X86 Xp1800 gforce 3Gts 1gb mem 100 gig hd
•X86 Xp3000 Gforce FX 5900 2 gig mem and 200 gig HD
Other interests:  Main interest free klimbing (extreme mountin klimbing). Computers in general also modifying computers building\overclocking and playing around with them.. paintball, car and tuning (messy driving) good looking females and beer.. :-)
Homepage:  N/A

Michael Jarrett
Member since 29th June 2005
Location:  UK
Computers:  •A500+ 1MB RAM
•Apple Macintosh G4 PPC Tower:
Radeon 8500 Mac Edition
ZIP 100
20GB HDD (Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X 10.2.8 partitions)
120GB HDD (Mac OS X 10.4.1 and 3 Misc partitions)
Other interests:  I like playing games on my Playstation 2 and Mac, watching TV, listening to Music, Browsing the Internet, Digital Photography and Art.

Kevin 'KevM' McAspurn
Member since 21st June 2005
Location:  Hebden Bridge, England
Computers:  •A1200, Blizzard '060, 192Mb, SCSI. Mediator, Voodoo3, SB128, NIC. PowerFlyer, 80Gb HD, 2xSCSI CD-Rom,IDE CD-RW Some other stuff :)
•A1200, Blizzard '060, 128 Mb, SCSI. 40Gb HD, SCSI CD-ROM, SCSI CD-RW.
Other interests:  Films, Books, Local History, Beer. More Beer.
Homepage:  N/A

Michael 'rockape' Domoney
Member since 18th June 2005
Location:  Lincolnshire, England
Computers:  •2 x A4Ks (my Flagship CV643d/Hypercom Z3) (got a Mirage 4000 Pro in the post for the spare A4K)
•17 x A1200s (one Eyetech Tower Blizzard 040/40 Mhz SCSI/Scanner/CD ROM/Zip Drive/Catweasel/Epson C62 Inkjet Printer)
•2 x A600s (one with Apollo acellerator)
•2 x CD 32s
•A few A500s (one with a SCSI Hard Drive)
•More A500+s

Not a DOZE box in the place :)
Other interests:  Amiga computers.

Walking my Dog "Charlie"

Buying Amigas and computer stuff in general without telling my Wife... aka "The Dragon" :)
Homepage:  N/A

Chris 'DaCrow' <not supplied>
Member since 17th June 2005
Location:  Norwich, UK
Computers:  •Micro A1 mini-ITX with 80gig hdd onboard sound + grafx OS4
•A1000 + monitor hdd Etc,..
•A2000 + monitor hdd etc
•A4000 + monitor hdd and other nice stuff :D
•loads of a500s
•Loads of C64`s
•5 X A1200s
•Towered A1200 + hdd etc : TOO much miggy stuff to list here :D


•Main computer : AMD 3800+ 64Bit,. 256Mb 6800GT grfx,..200gighdd. audigy 2 zs
•2nd pc amd 2600+ 256meg 6600Gt Grfx, 200gig Hdd. soundblaster,..
•3rd pc.. P4 3.0 .. 6800GT grfx.. 200gig hdd soundblaster
Other interests:  Computers.... my Huskys oh and not for getting my New baby daughter ! only 5 weeks old Takes up most of my time now,, and comes before my computer :D
Homepage:  N/A

John 'Amigadude' Nelson
Member since 14th June 2005
Location:  Bradford, UK
Computers:  My mainly unused miggies (Sorry)
•Stripped A1200D, Apollo 040/33, 32Mb fast, 850Mb, WB3.1, webserver
•A1200T, Blizzard 030/50, 16Mb fast, WB3.9
•A1200D, Vanilla minus floppy, Spares & Repairs
•A600, Vanilla
•A500+, Vanilla
•A500, Vanilla
•2x CD32

My PCs
•Main machine, XP2500, 512Mb DDR333, 160Gb, FX5200, CDRW, Windows 2000/Fedora Core 3
•Video machine, Duron 800, 512Mb, 60Gb, GF2 GTS, DVDRW, Windows 2000
•Laptop, Dell6000, Pentium M 1.5Ghz, 512Mb, 40Gb, DVDRW, Windows XP/Ubuntu 5.04
•Webserver, Pentium 2 350Mhz, 192Mb, 20Gb, Fedora Core 3
•Video machine bedroom 1, Pentium 2 350Mhz, 64Mb, 20Gb, Hollywood+ MPEG decoder, Windows 98se
•Video machine bedroom 2, Pentium 233Mhz, 128Mb, 2Gb, Hollywood+ MPEG decoder, PCTV Rave, Windows 98se

•Lots of network cards
•Router Netgear rp614v2
•Switch 10/100 5 port
•WiFi access point 802.11b
Other interests:  Messing with computers, Coding, Webdesign, ...errrrr....., messing with computers

James 'Holley' King
Member since 13th June 2005
Location:  Scunny, UK
Computers:  •The AROS tower of power; 1.5GHz P4, 768Mb Ram, native NVidia graphics, native 3Com networking.
•A3000, A3640 accellerator, 16Mb Ram, CV64, XSurf2, 4Gb harddisk, 8x CD Reader, 8x CD R/W.
•A1200, 10Mb Ram, 850Mb harddisk, preserved.
•A500+, 2Mb Ram, restored.
•The Workhorse; 1.2GHz Samsung Laptop, set up for WinUAE Games & serious stuff.
Other interests:  Site admin for, Committee member of the Mopar Muscle Association car club, creator of Thats enough to keep me busy!

Robert 'Robert17' Deary
Member since 13th June 2005
Location:  Norwich, England
Computers:  •A4000 CSPPC 235/67 128mb/16mb/2mb Prometheus PCI busboard, Voodoo3 Video, 8029 network, Prelude ZII soundcard, 36 and 2gb scsi hdds.
•A4000 CSPPS 233/50 128mb/16mb/2mb CvisionPPC, Prelude ZII soundcard, GoldenGate2+ ISA bridgeboard with Realtek 8019 ethernet, and fast serial cards, 36gb and 2gb scsi drives.
•A1200 040/33 32mb pcmcia nic etc
•A1200 030/50 32mb
•A500 Plus x2
•A500 With 1.5mb ram expansion!
Other interests:  Basically just messing around with computers and video games
Homepage:  N/A

Kevin 'Linchpin' Nedin
Member since 13th June 2005
Location:  Swansea, UK
Computers:  •AMD Athlon 1800+, 512 DDR, DVD - R drive, 3 X CDR drives, Usual PC stuff, runs Amiga Forever 6 niceley!
Other interests:  Cars.
Homepage:  N/A

Mark 'MacMiga' Benson
Member since 13th June 2005
Location:  Louth, UK
Computers:  •A1200T (Eyetech EZTower Z4), Apollo 1240/33MHz, 32MB FastRAM, Voodoo3/3000 on Mediator 1200LT PCI, 6GB Hard Disk, CD-RW, Zip100. AOS 3.9.
•A1200T (Eyetech EZTower II), Blizzard 1230 IV w/ SCSI expansion, 64MB FastRAM, 9GB Hard Disk, Zip100, External CD-RW and Second Floppy.
•A600 - SkunkWorks project - you'll just have to come to the SCAG meeting in November to see the finished article!
Other interests:  Computers, lots of them. Motor Racing. Cars. Did I mention computers?

Liam 'Cyka' Husler
Member since 12th June 2005
Location:  Thornton Steward, UK
Computers:  •PC @ 1.1ghz thats it. heap of poo
Other interests:  Amigas, Cars, Bikes, n Lasses
Homepage:  N/A

Darren 'Ryu' Glenn
Member since 11th June 2005
Location:  Scunthorpe, UK
Computers:  •Amiga1200 towered with BPPC, Bvision etc running OS4
•Low speced A1200 running as a webserver
•Pentium2 based PC running winXP pro
•Old apple powerbook1400 running MacOS8.6
•And a host of other Amiga's like A500's, 600's etc
Other interests:  I enjoy reading, esspecially Ben Elton novels. I also enjoy cycling, walking and socialising.

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