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The Scunthorpe Amiga User Group (from here on in refered to as "SCAG") was founded back in the summer of 2004 by myself (Darren Glenn) and James King. Up until early in 2005, we were only 2 members so didn't have much of a web presence.

However in early 2005 I was getting a few emails from Amiga users wanting to know when the next Amiga show was going to be held in the UK so I decided to hold one. That meant a website needed to go up, and as a result our membership grew slightly.

Although this group was founded and based in Scunthorpe it is open to anyone throughout the world, we meet online aswell as in Scunthorpe. We are also open to anyone with even the slightest interest in the Amiga, be it the official classic Amiga, the AmigaOne, Pegasos, AROS, UAE, etc... You are all welcome.

This is our second year as an active user group and as such we will probably be making meetings a much more scheduled thing. We will most likely be holding them at the beginning of every other month. We also aim to put on a bigger and better show during the summer of 2006. Stay tuned for more details.

Now you might be asking, where the heck is Scunthorpe, well click here and all will be revealed.

•For more information on our members please follow the Members link.
•For more information on our meetings please follow the Meetings link.
•For more information on our shows please follow the Shows link.
•For more information on our mailing list please follow the Mailing List link.

And finally, if you are familiar with IRC please feel free to join us on IRC for a chat, we mainly hang around on the ZiRC IRC network in the channel A web based IRC client is available through

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A5 Flyer in MicroSoft Publisher format. Should print out 2 copies to one A4 sheet with a central line to cut along.
A5 Flyer in PNG format. Should print out to A5 size so you can fit 2 to one sheet of A4.
A5 Flyer in JPG format. Should print out to A5 size so you can fit 2 to one sheet of A4.
A5 Flyer in ILBM format. Should print out to A5 size so you can fit 2 to one sheet of A4.

If you want the flyer in any other format just email me and ask.

Some intersting weblinks for those not familiar with the Amiga:
Written by me (Darren) its a good place to start and find out what the AmigaOne is, and what AmigaOS4 is.
Amiga community portal targetted at the AmigaOne and OS4 users.
Another Amiga community portal, been around since the beginning of time and although its targetted to support all platforms its mainly classic and UAE users that frequent it.
MorphOS and Pegasos community portal.
Homepage to AROS (Amiga research operating system)
Targetting mainly the emulation scene (UAE etc) and classic users, has an excellent games database too.

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