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DevContest 2005 - The end !

Ok, here we go. Here are the results of this AmigaOS DevContest but believe me this is not what you were expecting. I didn't expect this too. I must say I am a bit disapointed. :-/

What happened is that only one project was submitted in time. It is Rockbeat by James "Jahc" Carroll. All other projects were far from being complete and their author told me they had to resign because they couldn't make it in time. So the contest which should have elect a winner out of several developers wasn't a contest anymore.

What could I do ? Should the first prize go to James without being able to compare his program with others ? I think this is not fair and that the people that contributed to this contest would have the feeling their money didn't serve the Amiga cause very well. As James Carroll and several contributors agreed with me I decided to change the end of this contest.

The following hardware will be sent to James Carroll shortly: a Catweasel MK4 (link), a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (link), a S-ATA controller card with Silicon Image 3112 and a S-ATA 80 GB harddisk.

A weird thing never comes alone. When I and the various people already decided the above, Yoodoo2 sent me an email with his software MindSpace. He was 1 day late but well, I can't leave it unpunished :-) so I decided to give him 50 euros to thank him for his participation. Yoodoo2 is a nice guy because he asked me to give this money to some Amiga websites.

Also note that several Amigans contributed giving money to this contest for a total amount of 200 euros (!). Of course I won't keep that for myself and I'll give it entirely to the Amiga cause and it makes a nice total of 250 euros. Not bad for a contest that didn't make it :-)
Here are who I'll give the money to. If you have ideas of developers/websites that have a paypal account I can send money to, please give the URL on the news thread on Thanks.

  • for being a huge OS4 portal.
  • IntuitionBase for being a big place to gather information about OS4 and the A1.
  • UtilityBase because it helps the developers of course.
  • Aminet for an obvious reason. Those guyes are fantastic and they deserve it.

Many thanks to everyone !

I would like to thank again the following people that contributed to this contest. Even if it didn't work out, at least several people in the Amiga community will benefit from it. New projects are in the pipeline, Amiga websites and Amiga developers will get some money

  • Soft3 and SoftwareHut, thanks again for your support of the Amiga community.
  • Darren 'Ryu' Glenn, thanks for all your time. And I hope IntuitionBase will stay online for a longer time ;-)
  • Thanks to all the Amigans that gave money for this contest. This is greatly appreciated. I hope every Amigan will do the same as you and support all the developers we have. This is a good example of how a non developer can help. There is always some good things to do to contribute to the big Amiga challenge.

My last words

I was probably too optimistic when I started this development contest. Maybe it was too early in the AmigaOS development process. I think too many Amigans are busy with their life (wife, children?) or are simply too tired to work for their company to code on their Amiga when they get back home.
Or maybe Amigans don't want to work for money. They prefer to upload their program on OS4depot, get some greetings from the users and forget about it. I don't know.

In any case, I would like to remind everyone that you can do a lot to help to push AmigaOS into the future: write tutorials, help people on forums, write code, write documentation, bring momentum back in house!

Philippe 'Elwood' Ferrucci

The other projects

Developers will continue to work on their projects. I hope we'll see them appear soon.

Project nameShort descriptionAuthor(s)
AMC (Amiga Media Centre)An all-in-one multimedia player.Hitman/Code HQ
PCBPrinted Circuit Board designer.Chip
Visual GUI generatorGUI builder. The generated GUIs will be turned into XML code that will be converted to C compilable sources using XML2reaction.Crumb
Pixle PaintPaint/art package inspired by DPaint and Brilliance.Patrick Thomas
MuAdvanced music player designed for handling very large music collections.TxRx
ÉFSFilesystem with arbitrary metadata and "Smart Directories" (like Apple's "Smart Folders").Carl Drougge

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